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Welcome to the Computational Area of the System Biology Group (CSBGLab).

Participation in a project of computational systems biology requires understanding of a quite complex and varied scenario, much broader than that normally seen in terms of technology and business. Just the knowledge to participate in a particular project, in which technology should be the basis of the rigid parameters involved in the production and quality of service and at the same time able to integrate with the needs, feelings and emotions related to biomedical services, this group has formulated a proposal that provides the right environment to tie together content in advanced technology and rapid deployment.

CSBGLab is a research program that aims to link biologists, doctors, computer scientists and engineers in a multi-disciplinary approach to the systematic analysis of complex biological phenomena. CSBGLab focuses on equality of experimental and computational methods and has as main objective the study of complex biological systems using a multi-investigator systems biology research approach. CSBGLab develops computational methods for the study of complex networks that determine cellular function in order to clarify their operation and design principles. We focus on concepts and tools for the inference of network modeling and analysis of the system, and the experimental design on a larger scale in different biological systems. More specifically, we propose to clarify the design principles of cellular regulation through the integration of metabolism, signal transduction and gene regulation

CSBGLab is supported by a sophisticated research infrastructure, the CSBGLab technology platform.

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